Self-Care Routine Course by Minimalism Co.

Self-Care Routine Course

Take the confusion and complexity out of managing your well-being with this simple yet holistic health and wellness program.

Odds are, you don't have a solid self-care routine in place ... that's likely because you don't know how to be healthy.

  • Less than 3% of people are living a healthy lifestyle
  • Over 80% of people are confused about what a healthy lifestyle is
  • Tens of millions of people worldwide die from preventable conditions

Self-Care Simplified

The Self-Care Routine Course is a minimalist well-being program that clears up the confusion and helps you make relatively small lifestyle changes that bring about significant improvements to your overall health. 

An integrative approach to health & wellness

This holistic program is built around 11 topics that correspond to 11 of the most important elements of health and wellness. Each topic offers an easy and efficient action plan for setting and achieving moderate goals. 

The content draws from both mainstream and alternative concepts and therapies, for an integrative approach to enhancing your physical and mental health.  Moreover, the program is built on science-backed studies derived from reputable health and wellness authorities.

Health Pillars

  • Eat Healthy
  • Sleep Better
  • Hydrate Enough
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Manage Stress
  • Avoid Vices
  • Get Checkups
  • Stay Safe 

Wellness Pillars

  • Be Mindful
  • Pursue Purpose
  • Create Balance

What's included?

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Welcome to the Self-Care Challenge
Welcome to the Self-Care Challenge
Self-Care Guide
Self-Care Course Workbook
3.4 MB
33 Self-Care Journal Prompts
597 KB
Pillar 1: Eat Healthy
Pillar 1: Eat Healthy
Healthy Eating Workbook
11.9 MB
Healthy Eating Guide
Pillar 2: Hydrate Enough
Pillar 2: Hydrate Enough
Pillar 3: Sleep Better
Pillar 3: Sleep Better
Sleep Better Guide
The Sleep Challenge Book
25 Ideas for Your Bedtime Routine
138 KB
Pillar 4: Move Regularly
Pillar 4: Move Regularly
Sample Weekly Movement Routine
48.6 KB
Pillar 5: Manage Stress
Pillar 5: Manage Stress
10 Simple Steps to Help De-Stress
55.5 KB
Pillar 6: Avoid Vices
Pillar 6: Avoid Vices
How to Break a Bad Habit
Pillar 7: Get Checkups
Pillar 7: Get Checkups
Lifetime Medical Checkups Infographic
Pillar 8: Stay Safe
Pillar 8: Stay Safe
Stay Safe Worksheet
76.2 KB
Pillar 9: Be Mindful
Pillar 9: Be Mindful
Be Mindful Worksheet
75.5 KB
Pillar 10: Pursue Purpose
Pillar 10: Pursue Purpose
How to Be Happy Guide
Pillar 11: Create Balance
Pillar 11: Create Balance
Wheel of Life Guide
Health & Wellness Assessment
Personalized Health Assessment
Health Assessment Link
Course Completion
Course Completion + Next Steps



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Once you purchase the course you will immediately receive access instructions as well as the first module. 


Due to the low price and digital nature of this course no refunds are available, however all of the contents are listed so you can see what you are going to get. 


This course is not intended to be a substitute to seeking sound health and wellness advice from your physician or licensed healthcare practitioner.