Streamline Your Life Challenge by Minimalism Co.

Streamline Your Life Challenge

Start streamlining your life with our complimentary online course. 

What's included?

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Welcome to the Challenge
Welcome to the Challenge
Day 1: Simplify Your Life
Minimalist Living Guide
Minimalism Challenge Book
Day 2: Simplify Your Health
Self-Care Guide
Self-Care Book
Sleep Hygiene Guide
Sleep Challenge Book
25 Ideas for Your Bedtime Routine
138 KB
Day 3: Simplify Your Space
Feng Shui Guide
Declutter Guide
Day 4: Simplify Your Tasks
Morning Routine Guide
Goal Setting Guide
Day 5: Simplify Your Desires
Gratitude Guide
Best Gratitude Journal
Best Gratitude App
Day 6: Simplify Your Taste
Minimalist Style Guide
Minimalist Brand Directory
Favorite Minimalist Style Brand
Sustainable Living Guide
Minimalist Travel Guide
Travel Light Packing List
622 KB
Day 7: Simplify Your Work
Simple Business Plan Guide
Simple Bookkeeping Guide
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Congratulations + Extra Resources